Picking On Kevin

by Claire Keeply

Here we were on summer vacation and what is my brother doing? Reading! I know we always come out here, to my Uncle’s cabin, all the time but where’s the fun in sitting at a bench and reading when you don’t have to?

I must have stood in the door way for at least five minutes, watching him. What could I do to make him stop? My eyes roamed around the yard until an idea hit me.

I silently went over, grabbed the hose, then turned on the water. “This will make you stop.” I thought out loud. I silently walked over, hose in hands, grin across my face, ready to soak my brother. I mentally counted to three then I let her rip!

Kevin, of course, jumped up and when he did I dropped the hose and started to run away.

“I catch you, Darien, you’re ass is going to be grass!” Kevin shouted at me.

“You’re never going to catch me!” I shouted back at him, still running away from him.

I ran into the wooded area, trying not to get caught by Kev. I looked over my shoulder trying to see where he was. He wasn’t too far, but far enough. I climbed up into a tree, took a seat on a thick branch then waited for my brother to show up.

“Where are you Darien?” I heard him shout before he stopped under the same tree I was hiding in. “I’m right up here.” I said under my breath.

I needed to find out what I was going to do. Stay up here in this tree, hiding, or ‘attack’ Kevin again. I wasn’t up very high and I wasn’t done picking on him either. “UP HERE!” I yelled. He looked up and I jumped down, landing on him. “Thanks for breaking my fall.” I said with a grin.

Kevin was mad, I can tell but that wasn’t going to stop me. I flicked his ears then jumped up and ran away again. 

“Get back here!”

“No way! Come and get me...if you can!” I shouted back at him.

I finally ducked behind a bush that was near a small stream. I was out of breath but it was worth it. I looked around trying to find something to toss in my brother’s direction when he came around. Nothing was really around. Some dead grass, sticks and rocks. I didn’t want to hurt him that bad. My eyes kept searching for something until the stream caught my attention again. “Perfect.” I grinned evilly then grabbed a handful of mud. “Come on Kev...Show up. You couldn’t have been that far behind...”

I sat on the ground, waiting, passing the ball of mud between my hands. If Kevin didn’t show up in five minutes I was going to go in search of him so I could give him my ‘present’.


My head shot up when I heard him call my name. “Finally.” I said to myself. I checked to see where he had stopped at. He wasn’t too far. He was standing next to the stream. Now was the time, so I threw the mud ball.

“OW!” Kevin shouted, in pain.

I couldn’t hold in my laughter. It had made contact with the side of Kevin’s head. I threw a couple of more, while laughing. They all hit him in different places. My brother was covered in mud and I took off again.

I had enough of picking on Kevin for now. So, I went off and did some stuff. I stayed out, alone, for an hour more. I ended up running out of things to do and decided to go back to the cabin.

Kevin had told on me and I got into trouble. Tattle tail! Oh well, it was only for the rest of the day and that gave me plenty of time to come up with new things to pick on Kevin with tomorrow.

Fan Fiction